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Morrow is a small village in Salem TownshipWarren County, and Southwest Ohio.  

Located along the National Scenic  Little Miami River and the  Little Miami Scenic Trail, The population was 1,188 at the 2010 census

The Little Miami River is popular among canoers and anglers. There are several canoe liveries along its course and the smallmouth bass fishing in the river is among the best in the state. For a river its size and considering that it drains mainly agricultural land, the water quality of the Little Miami River is excellent. Visitors may see a variety of wildlife including several varieties of turtles, mallards, and other ducks, Canadian geese, and blue herons.






The Little Miami State Park, which is concurrent with the Buckeye Trail.  As with the trail that runs through Morrow, most of these trails have been built along the abandoned rail grades that run along the river. The Ohio to Erie Trail project, under construction, aims to link these trails to other trails statewide to create a single bike trail from Lake Erie to the Ohio River.  

An estimated 80,000 visitors pass through Morrow each year on the bike trail.

This page is Dedicated to the exciting, Friendly People, Business Owners, and the Unforgettable History of our Unique Village


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